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Miyako Nishiki Mirinzuke "Ginger"

Miyako Nishiki Mirinzuke "Ginger"

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Ginger rhizomes are pickled in Narazuke. Please enjoy the unique flavor of ginger, which has a slightly spicy taste.

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Brings out the unique flavor of ginger

Narazuke is classified as an old pickle among pickles, and as the name suggests, it is a pickle that is aged in a pickling bed for a long period of time. Therefore, the seasoning greatly depends on the pickled bed, and when it comes to vegetables, their meat quality and permeability are important.
On the other hand, ginger, as you may know, has a very strong flavor compared to other vegetables. It is so strong that it remains strong even after the two-year process of Miyako Nishiki Mirinzuke.
Therefore, the taste itself is very different from other products. If you are looking for a unique Narazuke, please try this place first.


The sweetness of Mirinzuke and the spiciness of ginger are exquisite.

Ginger Miyako Nishiki Mirinzuke is slowly aged in barrels for a long period of time while absorbing the sweetness and umami of the gourd and sake lees, naturally achieving a perfect balance that is not too spicy.
By taking your time, rather than adding sugar too quickly, you can create a mellow ginger-flavored Mirinzuke. This is a skill that even we craftsmen cannot do, and only time can do.
You can have it sliced ​​as usual, but if you slice it into strips as shown in the photo or chop it into pieces and mix it with rice, the sweetness and spiciness will change and it will be interesting.

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