Information on noshi paper and hanging paper

At our store, we offer noshi paper and hanging paper according to customer requests.


How to use

  • Products that are compatible with noshi paper and hanging paper have an entry field on the product screen. Please refer to the image below and enter your desired information here.

  • You can fill in the fields freely. If you have any requests, please feel free to let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your wishes as much as possible. We may also contact you by phone or email to confirm the details. Thank you for your understanding.

    Introducing entry examples and contents

    • Awaji knot (Awabi knot)

    Our Noshi paper is basically available in the ``Awaji knot'' style.

    The Awaji knot (Awabi knot) is a derivative of the Knot-kiri knot, and is characterized by the fact that it becomes even tighter when both ends are pulled.

    The Awaji knot is due to its shape.

    It has the meaning of "to be with you for a long time" and is suitable for memorial services such as thank yous, farewells, and funerals.

    Therefore, it is a noshi paper that can be used in any situation.

    • Front page (thank you, year-end gift, etc.) | Name (last name only, full name, etc. possible)

    Once you have filled out the front page, we will fill it out on our noshi paper at the top of the page and prepare it for you at our store.

    If you would like to have your meal prepared at Sonoshi, please let us know as well.

    If you would like to enter your name, please enter it in this field. You can also specify a name other than the orderer's name.

    Please separate the front page and your name with "/", "|", " " (space), etc.

    • Others (Buddhist wrapping, plain noshi, etc.)

    We also accept orders for Buddhist packaging. If you request a front page that indicates a Buddhist event, such as ``Memorial Service'', ``Goku'', or ``Shishi'', we will use Buddhist-specific noshi paper, wrapping paper, and light ink for the writing.

    If you would like plain noshi, please write "plain" instead of the front.

    If you have any other requests regarding hanging paper or noshi paper, we will do our best to accommodate them, so please include them as well.

    ・An example of red and white noshi

    ・An example of Buddhist Noshi

    • seasonal hanging paper

    If you specify a seasonal hanging paper, we will use a hanging paper with an illustration that matches the season.

    We have introduced some samples at the bottom, so please take a look.

    Regarding the hanging paper, if you let us know if it is for a birthday present, Respect for the Aged Day, etc., we will prepare something that meets your needs.

    You can also specify the front page. We also accept other messages, so please feel free to let us know. It is possible to write your name, but some of the illustrations may overlap. Thank you for your understanding.

    Please leave the illustrations you use to our store.

    Noshi with only red lines, like this hanging paper, is called aka-no-shi or aka-bo.

    It is a type of Noshi with no mizuhiki, and is mainly used for celebratory events such as sushi and thank yous.

    These days, it seems that there are many cases in which simple gifts such as small thank-you gifts are given with the words ``Kokorodakari'' added to convey the meaning of humility.

    ・Example of summer hanging paper ・Example of Gion Festival hanging paper
    ・Example of Mother's Day hanging paper ・Example with autumn hanging message


    List of inscriptions on Noshi paper

    This is a list of notations suitable for various situations.

    Etiquette may differ depending on the region, but we have listed the most common forms nationwide.

    I would appreciate it if you could find this helpful.

    Annual events

    New Year's greetings

    From New Year's Day to early January

    New Year's holiday

    New Year's greetings

    Winter visit

    After the year-end and New Year holidays until the beginning of spring

    Visit in winter

    After the year-end and New Year holidays until the first day of spring (for seniors)

    Midsummer gift

    Until mid-July (until mid-August in Kyoto and other Obon regions)

    Midsummer greetings

    From midsummer period to early fall

    Summer visit

    After the midsummer period to the beginning of autumn (for seniors)

    Late summer greetings

    After the first day of autumn

    Late summer visit

    After the first day of autumn (for seniors)

    Year-end gift

    From the beginning of December until the end of the year

    common gifts

    Small gift

    A small gift for your superiors



    Gifts for companies and organizations


    Only my heart

    A gift filled with small feelings

    Thank you/Reward

    Thank you

    Thank you for your help


    Thank you for your help, please be more polite


    When expressing gratitude for your help


    Parting gift

    Farewell for moving and transfer



    Respect for the Aged Day celebration


    60th birthday celebration

    Sixtieth birthday (61 years old)

    Kouki celebration

    Koki (70 years old)

    Kishou celebration

    Kishu (77 years old)

    Umbrella longevity celebration

    Kasaju (80 years old)

    Beiju celebration

    Yoneju (88 years old)

    Graduation celebration

    Graduation (90 years old)

    Hakuju celebration

    Hakuju (99 years old)

    family celebration

    Return gift/gift for longevity celebration


    congratulatory marriage

    wedding celebration


    Wedding gifts/reception gifts

    family celebration

    wedding gift return

    wedding celebration



    celebration of birth

    Congratulations on safe delivery

    family celebration

    Return gift for baby gift

    baby shower

    Condolences (general)


    Returning gifts for Buddhist services (returning incense gifts)

    Funeral ceremony (Buddhist ceremony)


    Buddhist offerings (items)


    Buddhist memorial service

    Rough memorial service

    A wish for death

    Manchu Yinshi

    Perpetual memorial service

    Funeral ceremony (divine ceremony)


    Divine offerings (items)


    Rough memorial service

    Divine ceremony gift return


    today's ambition

    memorial grass