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Narazuke butter sandwich (frozen)

Narazuke butter sandwich (frozen)

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Our specialty, Narazuke Uri(Gourd), is wrapped in domestic butter cream and sandwiched between light cookie dough. Thanks to your support, we have been featured in various media and are the most popular online shop.

*It is now possible to order at the same time as other Narazuke products.

Please note that if you order at the same time, shipping charges will be charged for both regular and cool delivery.

*Delivered frozen. Thaw in the refrigerator 90-120 minutes before serving. After thawing, store in the refrigerator and consume within 5 days.

*This product is not eligible for wrapping.

Contents: 30g each, 6 pieces Ingredients: Butter (domestic), wheat flour, pickled cucumber (domestic), granulated sugar, eggs, walnuts, almond powder, salt

Allergens contained in raw materials (out of 28 items) Milk ingredients, wheat, eggs, walnuts, almonds


Newly released in 2021 Narazuke butter sandwich

Naga Tanaka's Narazuke is aged over a period of about two years, using sake lees, salt, and mirin flavoring from Shirouri specially grown by contract farmers in Japan, and changing barrels many times. It is characterized by the deep, mellow saltiness and umami flavor that comes from aging, and the soft aroma of alcohol. Combined with unsalted butter cream made from 100% domestically produced milk, it creates an even deeper, richer and more complex flavor.


The buttercream makes the flavor of Narazuke even more aromatic. Please enjoy with alcohol.

It is a sweet that has a moderate sweetness and has an adult taste that goes well with coffee and tea, as well as wine and sake.
Especially popular is the combination with distilled spirits such as whisky. Recommended not only for those with a sweet tooth, but also for those with a leftist taste.
I think children will enjoy it even if they eat it in a frozen state as if it were ice cream.

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