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Miyako Nishiki MIrinzuke "Cucumber"

Miyako Nishiki MIrinzuke "Cucumber"

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Cucumber Narazuke is the representative Narazuke after cucumber and is the second most popular at our store. It's light and easy to eat, and even when it's pickled in Narazuke, the unique texture and flavor of cucumbers is still alive. This is a product that you should try and compare with Uri.

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It is characterized by its dense flesh, soft and crispy.

Originally, a large number of cucumbers were grown in Sagano, Kyoto, but in recent years, the amount of cucumbers grown has decreased, and now we use a cucumber called ``suyo.''
We carefully selected high-quality domestically grown cucumbers that are distinctive for their dark green color when raw and have straight growth, and made them into Narazuke. The skin is crisp and crisp, and the flesh is smooth and softer than gourd. You can also enjoy the unique flavor of cucumbers, which is different from cucumbers.

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