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Miyako Nishiki Mirinzuke "Burdock"

Miyako Nishiki Mirinzuke "Burdock"

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Carefully selected burdock root is pickled as is. Enjoy the unique flavor and texture of burdock root.

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60 days

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Narazuke is finished with the aroma of burdock.

One theory is that "burdock" is a vegetable that has been loved by Japanese people for a long time since the Heian period. This vegetable, which is familiar to us, is actually not very familiar overseas and is only eaten in Japan.
Burdock, which is often used for medicinal purposes overseas, is rich in dietary fiber and has a unique aroma and texture, making it a representative vegetable in Japanese food culture, and is also a valuable ingredient in pickles.
We have made Narazuke from this proud Japanese ingredient, which is inseparable from us, with its aroma and texture intact.


Check out the difference in taste

Narazuke made from fragrant burdock has a taste that is very different from other types.
Although it takes time to manufacture because the unique fibers prevent penetration, Narazuke burdock pickles are lightly pickled and have a crunchy texture, and each time you bite into it, the aroma hits your nose and makes you feel happy. Masu.
I think customers will be able to appreciate the depth of Narazuke by comparing it with other products.
The photo on the left shows "watermelon" and "mustard-flavored moginasu" served together, but if you eat these alternately, you will surely enjoy the fun of Narazuke. This is a recommended combination.

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