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Miyako Nishiki Mirinzuke Juro "Onion"

Miyako Nishiki Mirinzuke Juro "Onion"

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The flavor and sweetness of small onions (pekorosu) are combined with the aged sake lees to create depth and richness.

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What is Miyako Nishiki Mirinzuke “Juro”?

Among the many types of Miyako Nishiki Mirinzuke, there are three types of Mirinzuke with particularly strong individuality.
Our store sells ``Garlic'', ``Rakkyo'', and ``Onion'' under the name ``Juro'' series. This is a product group with a distinctive taste and flavor that is significantly different from other products.
Because it uses small-sized ingredients, it is a popular product because it is easy to wash and can be eaten as is. Please try it once.


Deep sweetness and richness created by onions and sake lees

Whole small onions are made into Narazuke.
Although we call it onion, we use small bite-sized onions, commonly known as pekoros. At first glance, they may seem small and pungent, but they have the sweetness of onions and are often used in stews and other cooked dishes.
When you pickle it in Narazuke, the spiciness will go away and the sweetness of the onion will come to the fore, just like when you cook it. Also, since the unique flavor of onions remains, it also has a unique taste that is different from other Narazuke.
The synergistic effect of the sweetness of onions and the amino acids and sugars of sake lees creates a deep flavor and richness. I would like you to pick it up and check out the taste.

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