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Miyako Nishiki Mirinzuke "Katsura Uri"

Miyako Nishiki Mirinzuke "Katsura Uri"

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Pickled pickles made from traditional Kyoto vegetables "Katsura Uri". This pickled melon pickle is one rank above the rest and has a fresh, juicy texture.

*As this is a very delicate vegetable, the yield is not stable and it will only be sold for a limited time and in limited quantities. We also plan to sell these items periodically, but sales may be canceled depending on inventory status. Thank you for your understanding.

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60 days

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We have reproduced the traditional Kyoto vegetable “Katsura Uri” pickles.

Katsura Uri is characterized by its beautiful crepe-like skin and delicate flesh. Please enjoy the crisp and fresh texture.

Katsura Uri has regained popularity in recent years after reviewing its nutrition and taste.

Katsura uri is a large cucumber that can grow up to 40 to 60 centimeters in length and up to 4 kilograms, and is a traditional Kyoto vegetable that is said to have been cultivated during the Edo period. The main production area was the Katsura district in the west of the city, but production gradually decreased from around the beginning of the Showa era, and even after that, the number of fields gradually decreased due to housing development, making it a rare Kyoto vegetable. Recently, cultivation has been revived.

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