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Miyako Nishiki Mirinzuke Box No. 5 (in paper box)

Miyako Nishiki Mirinzuke Box No. 5 (in paper box)

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This is an assortment set that allows you to enjoy two types of our popular Narazuke at the same time.

This set is also popular as a gift.

Vegetables pickled in Miyako Nishiki Mirinzuke are weighed and packaged in paper boxes (dimensions 280x110x55mm). This product is made with 1 ``Uri'' and 1 ``Watermelon'' as standard. *As the ingredients are made from natural agricultural products, the contents of the assortment may differ from the sample, but there is no difference in weight.

Internal capacity
Standard content
1 gourd, 1 watermelon
expiration date
60 days

Allergens contained in raw materials (out of 28 items)
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